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Discussion Questions for

Battle for His Soul

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Discussion Questions

We can’t see them, but the saints and Early Church fathers tell us we each have our own guardian angel who is ever by our side. How often do you think about your guardian angel being right there with you? Do you talk to your angel and ask for help in trials and temptation?

While Roland seems to respond to his guardian angel’s merest suggestion, Jarret has ignored his angel’s voice for so long that he doesn’t hear him at all. But a person’s guardian angel never gives up and never goes away. St. Thomas Aquinas taught that no one, no matter how bad, is deprived of having a guardian angel. What can we do to be more open to the help of our guardian angel?  



Jarret has spent his life controlling others. So when his twin brother and his ex-girlfriend no longer go along with him, he falls apart. He listens more to the voice of Deth-kye, who encourages him to selfishness, self-destruction, and sin, than he does to Ellechial, his own guardian angel. Ellechial hopes that Jarret will listen to his twin, who has had a conversion. How important is the good example of family and friends in the life of someone who has turned away from God?  



When someone we love seems closed to God’s grace and the inspiration of their guardian angel, we can still help. What factors made the prayers of the teen group strong? Does Peter’s secret contribution have much value?



Deth-kye represents the evil spirits that prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. His tactics include stirring up emotion, vice, and memories. Which of his tactics seem the most effective and what can one do to protect against it?



When a person makes a big mistake or many mistakes, it is easy to feel unworthy of the forgiveness and grace of God. How does the message of Divine Mercy counteract these destructive feelings and what does it tell us about God’s love?



The spiritual battle is real and goes on all around us every minute of the day, but it is easy to forget about since we can’t see it. Pope Pius XII said, “...awaken and sharpen your realization of the invisible world about you... foster a certain familiar acquaintance with the Angels, who are so constant in their solicitude for your salvation and holiness.” What routine can you develop to make yourself aware of this battle and of your guardian angel every day? Suggestions might include specific prayers, retreats, seeking a spiritual director, on-going education, and reading Catholic fiction! 



I discovered an international movement within the Catholic Church, faithful to the Magisterium, that is ordered to promoting devotion to the holy angels so that they may lead us more effectively to God. To learn more about the Work of the Holy Angels, visit Opus Sanctorum Angelorum online








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