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G I F T   S E T S

The books in these gift sets come directly from the authors, and all proceeds go directly to the authors too, making this an excellent way to support your favorite Catholic author or Catholic fiction in general.


Catholic fiction also make fantastic gifts because these stories not only entertain but lift the soul to something greater. Whether you choose the Saints and Souls set, the contemporary, dino, or dystopian sets,  readers will be challenged and inspired in their faith. Have a Blessed Christmas! 

saints and souls.png

This set is for older teens or adults. It includes three novels and one prayer book.

Tortured Soul by Theresa Linden is a supernatural thriller inspired by actual apparitions of souls in purgatory. Endorsed by Susan Tassone (the purgatory lady) it is also an award-winner in the Catholic Press Association book awards.

The King's Prey by Susan Peek is a captivating story about Saint Dymphna.

A Soldier Surrenders by Susan Peek is a conversion story about Camillus de Lellis.

Daily Pilgrimage to Purgatory is compiled by Susan Peek. This beautiful devotion for the souls in purgatory dates back to the 17th century. 

Learn more about Susan Peek's books HERE.

Children book set.png

This set is for children. It includes six illustrated books.

Saint Clare and Her Cat by Dessi Jackson is a full-color picture book with a sweet story about Saint Clare for young and old. Dessi Jackson has been writing beautiful saint stories for children for years. Learn more about this book HERE. Look the author up on Amazon for more of her titles.


Molly McBride books by Jean Schoonover-Egolf are perfect for children in grades K - 3. Full color illustrations, relatable characters, and vocation themes make these books perfect for Catholic children. Learn more about these books HERE.

Armor of God series by Theresa Linden.  The chapter books in this fantasy adventure series were written for children preparing for First Confession and First Holy Communion. Learn more about the books HERE.

Faith and Kung Fu.png

These books are contemporary teen fiction.

The Faith & Kung Fu series by TM Gaouette is popular with teens. Teens can relate to the situations, challenges, and characters. Themes include relationships, the power of prayer, and overcoming adversity.

For Eden's Sake by TM Gaouette recently won First Place in the Catholic Press Association book awards in the teen fiction category. This pro-life story was also endorsed by Alveda King. 

“... a fast yet compelling read; touching every heart and mind 
with hope for what matters most; God’s redeeming love and grace.”

~Evangelist Alveda C. King, Civil Rights for The Unborn

Learn more about the books on the author's website HERE

fantasy dino.png

The books in this fantasy/dinosaur set are all by British author Corinna Turner.

I Am Margaret  is the first novel in a futuristic series. In a totalitarian atheist state of the future, a young woman rejects the accepted wisdom that the imperfect are more use dead than alive, and that religious belief is a threat to society.


Brothers is a novella. a must-read prequel to the I Am series. A young man must risk everything to pursue his vocation. 

Many Lamb and the Full Moon  is a one-of a kind story about the world's first half-sheep/half-girl, thanks to some well-meant but ill-advised genetic tinkering.

Breach is set in an alternative future where dinosaurs roam freely and humans live behind electric fences, this prequel novel to the unSPARKed series is an exciting pro-life adventure.

Liberty set.png

This set, perfect for older teens to adults, includes the entire dystopian Chasing Liberty trilogy and an anthology that has a short story related to the Chasing Liberty trilogy

Chasing Liberty trilogy.

In this trilogy, a young woman longs for freedom in a dystopian future where the earth is elevated above man, science is unchecked by ethics, the family is eradicated, and the government controls everything. Research came from actual special interest groups that are currently trying to destroy our country and world.

Themes: the importance of individual liberty, faith, and traditional family to a stable society; the dangers of advancing science and technology without ethical considerations; coping with trauma, self-sacrifice for a greater good, heroism. Find the FREE study guide HERE.

Gifts is a Christmas-themed short story collection by 8 different authors. One short story, "Operation Gift Drop" is tied to the Chasing Liberty trilogy. Learn more HERE.

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