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Boots of Peace

Book #3 in the Armor of God children's chapter book series

BOT REV Front Cover 2.jpg

When Sir Lucian, the one-armed knight, says that few pages will receive the Boots of Peace, George Pennington and his friends work extra hard at peacemaking. While Robyn arranges help for a troubled family, George's little brother Erik struggles with Sir Michael's jousting lessons. George, however, can't stop thinking about the strange rock he once discovered in the knights' woods. He will stop at nothing to find out more about it, but he just might be missing a very important point about peace.


"Linden weaves into the story salient points from the Catechism of the Catholic Church that instructs young adults about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Yet, Linden does it without making the reader feel like they are in a classroom. Instead, she shares the truths of the Catholic faith in an entertaining manner."

- Virginia Lieto, author of Finding Patience

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