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Shield of Faith

Book #4 in the Armor of God children's chapter book series

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While George and the other pages work hard at Knight School, learning how to earn the Shield of Faith, Robyn notices several knights have gone away. She suspects they've gone to investigate the dragon sightings. Before George and his friends can learn more, Sir Lucian invites George and his little brother, Erik, on a secret mission that answers questions George has been wondering ever since he first became a page. When George finds himself in a tight situation, he'd rather have a lantern than faith. He's not the only one facing a challenge. Each page--anxious to earn the Shield of Faith--is tested before the day is out.


"I knew Theresa Linden could write for teens. I knew she could write for adults. I didn't know that she could write equally well for young children and illustrate as well! But, she knocks it out of the park."

- Carolyn Astfalk, author of Catholic teen fiction Rightfully Ours

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