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Sword of the Spirit

Book #6 in the Armor of God children's chapter book series

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Thanks to George, a handful of other pages, and the squires from Knight School, everyone from nearby villages remains safe in the underground shelters—or do they? George and friends bravely investigate a strange noise down a tunnel they’ve never explored before. They soon discover two knights have different plans for solving the dragon problem, and fear has caused some of the townsfolk to develop a plan of their own. The dragon threat is even greater now, as George and Robyn soon discover with an up-close encounter. How can the pages keep a courageous, peaceful spirit amidst such chaos, all while working to earn the Sword of the Spirit?


"Searching for a way to enhance your child’s catechism? Look no further than Theresa Linden’s brilliant Armor of God series. These chapter books make the perfect gift for any child, especially those about to receive their First Communion or Reconciliation. I wish these books had been around when my children were preparing for their Sacraments. The stories are not only engaging, but the added bible verses and sacramental lessons enhance the story, offering families further ways to discuss the virtues taught in catechism class."

- Leslea Wahl, award-winning Catholic fiction author

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