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Life-Changing Love

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Discussion Questions

Caitlyn’s parents had made mistakes in their youth that made them wary of allowing Caitlyn to follow the culture’s dating practices. Were they just being overprotective or did they have good reason? What problems do you find with the dating practices in today’s culture? What guidelines do you think would allow teens to get to know themselves and each other without opening the door to temptation?


At the beginning of this story Caitlyn seems almost envious of Zoe. Pretty and popular, she seems to have it all. Is it a common temptation among teens to feel like others have everything while failing to see one’s own gifts? What can you do to help yourself or a friend to recognize the “beauty” within?



When Caitlyn discovered Zoe’s pregnancy, she wanted to be there for Zoe in every way possible. She briefly fantasized about raising the baby herself. She risked her budding relationship with Keefe by asking her parents to allow Zoe to stay with them. And she was “there for her” throughout her pregnancy. If a friend or classmate of yours becomes pregnant, how can you be there for her? Do you know what pro-life pregnancy resources are available in your area?


Roland wanted a friendship with his brother Jarret. And he didn’t want Jarret to think he was judging him, so he ignored a few of Jarret’s suspicious behaviors until Caitlyn forced him to face the situation. If you suspect someone, especially someone close, is doing something detrimental to their soul, how willing are you to say something to them about it? Is a person being judgmental when they judge another’s actions, or is it false compassion to ignore the situation? Discuss the application of Matthew 18:15 “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you.”


The details in this story about the Eucharistic Miracle of Bagno di Romagna are as accurate as possible. Throughout the years, numerous Eucharistic miracles have taken place and have been approved by the Church. What is God saying to us when he performs these miracles? If you witnessed one yourself, how might it affect your faith?