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The Virtual Tour took place December 2015

but you can check out the stops today!



Tuesday, Dec. 1        Don Mulcare: Peace to all who enter here!

                                   Check out the author interview and the book cover wrap.


Wednesday, Dec. 2  Erin McCole Cupp: Faith, Fiction and Love No Matter What 

                                   Top 10 Reaons You Will Love Catholic Teen Fiction


                                  Amy J Cattapan, Author & Speaker, Stories with Heart & Hope 

                                  Book Review of Roland West, Loner


Thursday, Dec. 3     Barb Grady Szyszkiewicz at

                                  Book Review of Roland West, Loner


Friday, Dec. 4          Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur: Spiritual Woman

                                  Book cover, blurb and review blurb


Saturday, Dec. 5      Cynthia Toney

                                  Book cover, blurb and quote from book


Sunday, Dec. 6        Karl Bjorn Erickson, Author

                                  Behind the Scenes and First Chapter


Monday, Dec. 7        Carolyn Astfalk, Relevant Fiction for Body & Soul

                                  Character interview-you won't want to miss this one!

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