My story ideas typically come in novel size--or larger--but occasionally a theme comes to me that can be expressed in a short story. Short stories are nice because you can read them in one sitting and they can usually give you something to think about long after you've finished. It's also a good way to get to know an author so you can decide if you like their writing style.

I have two more short stories that are not on this page. One will be included in an anthology put together by the authors of I'll probably offer the other free to my newsletter subscribers, as I've done with other short stories.

Roland West, Loner by Theresa Linden
A Battle for the Faith

Two short stories: "A Matter of Silence" by Theresa Linden and "A Matter of Action" by John Paul Wohlscheid.

The Emperor has decided that the Tribe of the Fathers must change elements of their faith for the good of society. The Tribe of the Fathers have held true to their beliefs for centuries and have no intentions of changing now. A peaceful tribe, they must decided whether or not to take up arms to defend what they hold dear: their faith.

ebook 99 cents (Dec 2015)

Teen Catholic Fiction by Theresa Linden
Bound to Find Freedom​

Prequel to the Chasing Liberty trilogy

Step into the dystopian world of the Chasing Liberty trilogy. A thirteen-year-old colony boy, who lives outside the boundaries of the government-run city of Aldonia, has grand visions of joining his older brother and the others who work for the cause of freedom. If only his parents would stop holding him back.

FREE (Feb 2016)

Teen Catholic Fiction by Theresa Linden
A Symbol of Hope

A short story that takes place in heaven on the sixth day of creation, some time before God creates man in His image and likeness. The most beautiful angel, Lucifer, is not sure he's going to like these new creatures and he wants to know more. As God reveals the specifics, Lucifer thinks God may have made a mistake.

ebook 99 cents (Sept 2016) or free on my website

Teen Catholic Fiction by Theresa Linden
Image & Likeness (Full Quiver Publishing)

Literary Reflections on the Theology of the Body

By turns edgy and sweet, gritty and deft, but always courageous and honest, the works contained in Image and Likeness explore countless facets of human love—and human failure. Readers will experience in a variety of ways how humanity, in flesh as well as spirit, lives out the image and likeness of a God who created human intimacy to bring forth both our future and to illustrate our ultimate meaning as human persons.

paperback 202 pages $17.99 ebook $4.99 (Oct 2016)

Teen Catholic Fiction by Theresa Linden
Secrets: Visible & Invisible (Catholic Teen Books)

A collection of short stories by 7 authors As described by Mark Hart of Life Teen International, who provides the foreword, "Each story reveals something different about the human heart and our constant (though, often veiled) desire for truth and virtue."

paperback 214 pages $13.99 ebook $2.99 (July 2018)

cover gifts.jpg
Gifts: Visible & Invisible 
(Catholic Teen Books)

A collection of Christmas-themed short stories by 8 authors. Written by a few award-winning authors, this collections has a lot of variety with one saint story, dystopian, Jurassic, historical, and a few contemporary stories. 

paperback 242 pages $13.99 ebook $2.99 (July 2018)

Short Stories


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