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Speaking Engagements

Theresa Linden

The Power of a Story in the Life of Faith

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Theresa Linden is available to give presentations to your young adult or adult group in northeast Ohio. The length of her talks can be modified to fit your requirements, ranging from 20-minute to hour-long presentations. PowerPoint presentations accompany each talk. Contact her for more details.

"Thank you for giving such a wonderfully inspiring presentation to our Women's Breakfast ladies.  You did a fantastic job of explaining the spirituality you relied upon during each trial and tribulation that you have endured.  Your presentation was perfect!" ~Barb Foster, St. Peter's Church

The Power of a Story in the Life of Faith

This presentation begins with a personal story that lets listeners learn a bit about Theresa . . . with a few laughs and a touching moment. Her story emphasizes the point that stories can be powerful. She then explains concrete reasons why stories can be instruments for helping us grow in faith -- and there are several. The talk ends with a challenge. Listeners are encouraged to share their faith-filled stories -- the wonderful things God has done for them -- whether by word of mouth or in written form. Jesus taught with stories and He hands the torch to us. It’s our turn now!

Confidence in the Truth

In this presentation Theresa explains her journey of faith and why each of her stories contain distinctly Catholic elements. As a cradle Catholic, somewhere deep in her heart she always believed the Catholic faith to be true, but as a young adult she found herself questioning it and straying. Challenges from Protestants and those without faith forced her to dig deeper into her faith and other faiths. What she found gave her unshakeable confidence in the Catholic faith and it will give that same confidence to you. This is the Church that Jesus built, and He wants everyone to belong to Her so that they have access to the Sacraments and the fullness of the truth. She will share her discoveries and give listeners ideas for developing and sharing their faith too.

Sharing the Adventure

In this presentation, Theresa shares how she became an author with over ten published books and two Catholic Press Association awards. Her story begins on the island of Guam with a childhood game she and her sister used to play. It shows the impact of a zealous high school youth group minister, includes a few miracles, a lot of prayer, and perseverance. And it will encourage listeners to walk hand-in-hand with Our Lord as they develop their God-given talents. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11-13). Listeners will also learn the entire process from story idea to publication and promotion. This presentation can be given as a talk or in workshop form.

Igniting Charity for the Suffering Souls

This presentation reminds people about the often forgotten souls in purgatory. It goes into:

  • purgatory from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the words of the saints

  • mystical experiences of St. Bede (672-835) and St. Faustina (1908-1938) concerning purgatory and the holy souls

  • how purgatory is the mercy of God

  • why we need to understand this teaching and share it with others

  • how we can help the Poor Souls

  • how we can avoid purgatory and go directly to heaven

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