“Theresa Linden first won my high school students’ hearts in Roland West, Loner.  When they read the inspiring and enthralling Battle for His Soul, they were even more hooked. A seventeen-year-old student specifically asked if Linden, his new favorite author, could write another book showing Jarret’s struggles to stay on the right path after his dramatic conversion. This is that book! Here is a novel that will not only entertain, but also greatly help today’s teens in their own daily lives."

         ~Sister Mary Louise, high school teacher


"Standing Strong is a beautiful testament to how God works—in the whispers, in the quiet moments, in the gentle guidance of our hearts. It's a reminder that Jesus is with us in ways we may never understand, and that, if we allow it, the Holy Spirit will give us the strength to stand strong for God!”

          ~Lisa Mayer, author of The Aletheian Journeys Series

"It's not easy to reinvent yourself while you're still in high school, as Jarret West discovers as he seeks a way to turn his life around after an intense spiritual experience. His twin brother couldn't be more different: Keefe contemplates joining the Franciscan friars. Theresa Linden recounts twin spiritual quests in her newest novel, Standing Strong."

         ~Barb Szyszkiewicz, editor at CatholicMom.com

“Another chapter in Theresa Linden’s masterfully-developed series for teens that will resonate with everyone who has struggled to find his place in the world, been tempted to take the easy way out, or doubted the work of God’s hand in his life. A realistic portrait of the slow and subtle work of grace in our lives.”  

         ~Carolyn Astfalk, author of coming-of-age romance Rightfully Ours

“Linden is a master at getting inside the heads of today's teenagers, and her own deep faith and love of God shine through and inspire on every page. After reading Standing Strong, your own spiritual life cannot but be strengthened, making you also want to stand strong for God. Highly recommended!”  

         ~Susan Peek, author of fast-paced saint stories including The King's Prey

“Standing Strong refutes one-dimensional stereotypes and redefines the power of Bro. Recommended for teenage boys as well as for anyone who would like to fathom their world."

            ~Virginia Bliss, author

"In a society where many sell themselves short in striving for greatness and virtue, Theresa Linden's Standing Strong continues to exemplify how relatable members of the West family are to us, and moreover, how untiring is the pursuit of our merciful Lord in His quest to give us every good thing when our soul is free to receive Him. 'God enriches the soul which empties itself of everything.' ~Saint Pio of Pietrelcina"
         ~Brother Conrad Richardson, fbp, Franciscan Brothers of Peace


Standing Strong

Roland West, Loner by Theresa Linden
Book 4 in the West Brothers series.


Having just confessed his sins to his priest--more sins than a kid his age should have--Jarret jumps in his Chrysler 300 and races to the outskirts of town. Emotion overwhelming him, he pulls off the road and flings himself face down behind an outcropping of rocks. Ever since that life-changing night in the canyon, Jarret has felt the presence of the Lord in his soul. Now that presence is fading. Is it his fault? How will he remain faithful without it when he still struggles against the same temptations?

​Meanwhile his twin brother, Keefe, questions whether he has a calling to religious life. He's gone along with Jarret's bad schemes for years. Is he worthy of such a calling? What would he have to give up to pursue a vocation? Keefe reads everything he can about St. Francis and the Franciscans, but he’s afraid to talk to his father about the Franciscans' upcoming discernment retreat because his father seems closed to faith. Is he ready to go all in?

Follow the West brothers in this contemporary teen fiction as they struggle through temptations and trials down paths they can barely see, toward goals they desire in the depths of their hearts.

Softcover, 331 pp, $13.99 retail.

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