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BLOG TOUR FOR STANDING STRONG posted the Press Release: “Catholic teen fiction can turn the tide of young adults leaving the faith.” You can also read an excerpt from STANDING STRONG and enter a GIVEAWAY!

T.M. Gauoette – writer, blogger, and author of Catholic fiction and non-fiction. Author T.M.G. has been kind enough to announce a GIVEAWAY of STANDING STRONG and to host my guest post “Why We Need Catholic Teen Fiction”

Leslea Wahl, author of award-winning Catholic teen fiction has read an advanced copy and posted her review, along with several other early reviews of the book.

Visit Cynthia Toney, author of the Bird Face series, to learn about the inspiration for this book. It has to do with a nun and her teenage student who doesn't like to read.

Carolyn Astfalk, author of coming-of-age romance Rightfully Ours, has posted the book trailer and her review of the book.

I've blogged about the Top Ten reasons you need a copy of Standing Strong!

I wrote a blog about the Franciscan Brothers of Peace. One of the Brothers there helped me with a bit of research for this story, and he read the book too! Please follow my blog.

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