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author spotlight

Click HERE to read my interview in National Catholic Register, August 21, 2019 edition.

From the interview: 

How does your faith influence your writing? How does your writing impact your faith?

The Catholic faith is exciting, life-changing, and beautiful, especially the unique aspects of it: the Eucharist, miracles, the Communion of Saints, sacraments and sacramentals, and God’s amazing mercy shown to us in so many ways through the Church. The more I studied the faith, the more I fell in love with it. It’s truly life-changing and has the answers to all our life’s problems and can help bring us to true happiness. Wanting to share this treasure with others, I bring various elements of the faith to life in my stories and hope to leave readers longing for more. Each story brings the Catholic faith to the challenges we face every day in our dark culture.

An excerpt from my interview in Today's Catholic Teacher, August 21, 2018 edition.

From the interview: 

The second book in your West Brothers series, Life-Changing Love, takes a very different angle: the main character is a girl who has a crush on shy Roland and who is required by her parents to adhere to strict courtship rules. Theology of the Body themes are woven throughout the story. What motivated you to write about this theme?


We were made for love, but many today don’t know the true meaning of love. TV shows, movies, and some romance novels often paint a distorted picture of love and portray physical intimacy as the only expression of it. That is not true love. Love is more than a feeling and it certainly is not what Hollywood and today’s culture claim it is. I wrote Life-Changing Love to bring to life the beauty of the Church’s teaching on love. Love is sacrificial in nature and it puts the beloved first. We first learn about this love in the family, from our parents as they sacrifice their time and energy to care for us.

The Power of Fiction

Click HERE to read my article "Why We Need Catholic Fiction"

Faith-filled fiction has the potential to be a powerful instrument in helping one grow in faith. Stories imitate the way our brains work, but they also help us consider new ideas and grow in empathy, and they can remind us of important things. Let me explain...

First, stories are the basic way we make sense of our world. Unconsciously, our brains organize the sensory data we receive all day, every day, in essentially the same form as a story. In a story, events unfold one after the other. There is a connection of cause and effect. There is meaning. And that’s exactly 

how we think. This is also one reason stories appeal to us. Our brains are wired that way. Reading a story puts our whole brain to work too, activating not only the language processing parts of our brain but also other areas that we use when experiencing events.

Second, stories help us consider new ideas. Through the pages of a dystopian, mystery, or contemporary fiction we get to explore the meaning of events, emotions, challenges, and suffering... (want to know more, listen to Theresa Linden on Dr. T PhD's radio show here.)

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